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US$259.00.aura Cropped Jumper The classic Laura Alan jumper is cropped to create a feminine shape and features a range of Alan stitches. Go Zaire t é is gone gcaithe t é May you spend it and outlive it We were on location in Phoenix Park yesterday for our Autumn Winter 2016 shoot, it was a windy sunny … How to care for your Alan Jumper POSTED BY THEDONEGALSHOP ON Se 23, 2016 The best way to wash your Alan Jumper? Our Alan Sweaters go on a unique journey from inception to arriving on your shoulders. They are highly sought after for their quality, their history, and the clan heritage they represent. US$129.00 Mairead Alan Roll Tunic We love the rich textures and elongated luxury of the Mairead cable tunic. Our extensive range uses traditional Irish Alan stitches throughout our garments ensuring we keep our long treasured history of traditional Irish craft. Kennedy . US$129.00 Fisherman Cable And Rib Sleeveless Cardigan This Fisherman cardigan has been made to a high standard in Donegal, Ireland. During the 1960s, even with all available knitters recruited from the three islands and from other parts of Ireland, Ó Síocháin had difficulty in fulfilling orders from around the world. There is debate about when island residents first started making the jumpers.

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Similarly, booties are also knitted in one-piece and can become an awesome first-time project for a new knitter. You visit can add charm by decking up the bib like a cat by attaching knitted ears/eyes and nose, or just knit it in the shape of a heart. After you are happy with the stripe width, tie the second colon with the first colon or use a third colon and start again. They also serve as an easy-to-knit option for the first timers as they are just required to be knit round, and at the end, the thumb is added. You should always knit a soft toy from the bottom up and then give it any shape you want. A cony way to wrap your baby after a bath would browse this site be in a knitted towel or a blanket. Start with 20 stitches and knit until you get the desired width of the stripe. You can alternate between the knit and purl stitch horizontally, by knitting one row in knit and one row in purl. You can be as creative as you can with this type of apparel, because of the amount of knitting that goes into fabricating them. This will create a pattern which on the smooth side is called the stockinette stitch and on the bumpy side is called the reverse stockinette stitch. - Seed Stitch: To get a seed stitch, you just have to do a knit K stitch and a purl P stitch for the complete row, and on the next row you do a purl P and a knit K.